Your magazine can inlude all of the features below.

See All Of The Features

View a sample magazine that includes all of the available features. Individual features are described below.


Large Creations can be spread across two adjacent pages. You control how many spreads can appear in a single magazine.

Story Creations

Do you have stapled or clipped Creations, such as a book or a story? No problem! We’ll keep them in order in your magazine.

Color Borders

For Creations that do not cover most of the page, we will highlight them by adding a colorful border. The color border is selected to best highlight the Creation.

Card Layout

When submitting a card, both halves are situated next to each other on adjacent pages.


If Creations are small enough, they can be merged onto a single page. Merges help reduce the cost of the magazine by reducing the page count of your magazine.


Not only are your digital magazines stored with your account, you also get images of each page as they appear in your magazines and access to the original scans of each Creation. Want to use the images for another project? No problem, just download your images within your account. Your images are not watermarked or degraded in quality.