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How Kidsolidate Works

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Setup a Magazine

Setting up your magazine is as simple as setting a few basic preferences. Create one magazine for your whole family or one for each child. For each magazine, you'll receive a postage paid envelope. Then as the school projects, artwork, report cards, awards, or other "Creations" come in, simply put them in your envelope.

kids artwork

Mail to Kidsolidate

Once your postage-paid envelope is full, just drop the envelope into any USPS mailbox. That's it. No trips to the post office, scanning, organizing, photo editing, or laying out your magazine. Kidsolidate handles all of this for you. Members automatically receive their next envelope for the magazine's next volume.

kids artwork


"As a working mother of two, our lives are very hectic. Kidsolidate helped me find an easy way to take my kids' art out of the various nooks and crannies in my home, and neatly organize them into wonderful magazines that me and my kids can enjoy anytime. We can even view the magazines online and easily share them with the grandparents, friends and other family members."


Mother of Halima (age 5)

& Ciaran (age 3)


"My boys bring paper home every day. I eventually reached a point where I needed a way to stay organized. With Kidsolidate, I fill our envelope, mail it in, and consolidate that month's of paper into a magazine. I receive our next envelope, fill it with that month's paper, and drop it in the mail. The former stack of paper is now a row of magazines lined up on our bookshelf to share with family and friends."


Mother of Henry (age 10)

& Silas (age 8)

Why Kidsolidate?


Consolidated Memories




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Members receive a 32-page magazine $45 gets you a 32-page magazine, free shipping, unlimited digital storage, and more.

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